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WiFinatix™ can bring the performance you need, where you need it.

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Powerful performance at home
or on the go.

Experience home or business wireless communications
with blazing speed and reliability – even in urban and rural
areas. Stream numerous devices without buffering! Crucial
when chasing aliens or avoiding machine gun fire.

Also makes life easier for the professional class with higher
large data transfers. Videographers, photographers,
musicians all benefit from higher functioning routers and
reliable telecom providers.

Our routers are the best in the industry with many years
of testing, research and real world performance.

Take it with you and use anywhere – Our wi-fi service is
available nationwide. We are especially the best choice for
rural areas.

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    on customizing your current wi-fi needs.

WiFinatix Gen4 modem

Many of the same quality
service as those expensive
units at a lower price.

WiFinatix X5 modem

Fastest router on the planet!
Stronger processor, faster
hardware, superior radio card

WiFinatix V6 Rocket 5G v4 modem

Extreme processing power
and a motherboard capable
of 10 Gbps